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Multi-Author Series - Sacrificed Hearts

Sacrificed Hearts is a multi-author series of clean fantasy romance tales inspired by monsters of legend. These standalone short novels (each written by a different author and meant to be read independently) provide a sweet and swoony take on the "sacrificed to the monster" trope. Experience the magic today with enchanting romance, strong heroines, and sacrificial themes.

Each of these books is also available as an audiobook (or will be soon)!

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My contribution to the series, Island of Secrets and Sacrifice, is now available as an ebook and paperback! It's a fully standalone story which can be enjoyed without any prior reading, but it's set in the same world as The Singer Tales (several years after the end of the series), featuring some familiar characters. Check out the details below.

For more information on the rest of the sweet and swoony books in this exciting series, check out the series page here.

Island of Secrets and Sacrifice

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A girl marked for death, a man branded a monster…a reality that is very different from what it seems

Ember’s defiance has always been a frustration to the rest of her island community. But even she didn’t expect to be selected as the next sacrifice, years before another is due. And she can’t help but wonder if it relates to the strange new ability that’s just begun to stir within her. She doesn’t intend to go down without a fight—in fact, the chance to confront the monster demanding sacrifices is a more welcome path than the marriage her parents had arranged to a local farmer.

Haiden has never heard of Ember’s island, and he couldn’t care less about their plight. He’s fully occupied trying to lift the curse that has turned him into a monster while fending off the stream of maidens determined to break it for him—both feats that are proving impossible in spite of his considerable magical ability.

When Ember charges into his purposely isolated life, badly wounded, full of nonsensical accusations, and entirely undaunted by his hideous form, their paths and plans collide with a force neither is prepared for. It will take more than Ember’s fledgling magic and Haiden’s superior training to lift both his curse and the lies holding her island captive. They’ll first have to learn to actually let each other in, which may prove the hardest sacrifice of all.

Island of Secrets and Sacrifice is book 4 in the Sacrificed Hearts multi-author series, a collection of stand-alone fantasy romances inspired by monsters of legend, each tale packed with strong heroines, swoony heroes, and sacrificial themes.

It’s set in the world of The Singer Tales, a completed series of six clean fairy tale retellings by Deborah Grace White. Island of Secrets and Sacrifice takes place six years after the end of the series, but can be enjoyed without any prior reading.

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I'm also very excited that Island of Secrets and Sacrifice is the first of my books to be available in hardcover! You can find this special edition on the book's Amazon page (linked above) or on other online retailers such as Barnes & Noble.

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