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Deborah Grace White


Thanks for stopping by. I'm Deborah Grace White, and I write young adult fantasy.

Check out my published books below, or have a look at my release schedule for information about what's coming next.

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Latest release - a sweet YA romantic fantasy

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A girl marked for death, a man branded a monster…a reality that is very different from what it seems.
Discover the magical worlds of multi-author series Sacrificed Hearts today!

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The Singer Tales is a series of YA fairy tale retellings set on the continent of Providore, where magic is harnessed by singers. Each of these six interconnected standalone novels follows a different heroine as she navigates everything from miniature elves to brutish giants in order to chase her own happily ever after.

If you enjoy strong heroines, clean romance, and fantasy worlds with a dash of intrigue, discover the world of The Singer Tales today.

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The Vazula Chronicles is a four book YA fantasy series of four installments. In addition to irritatingly inscrutable dragons, the series features a clean slow burn romance between a mermaid and a reluctantly magical human. If you enjoy adventure, fantasy, mystery and hard-won happily ever afters, check out the first book, A Kingdom Submerged, today!


The Kingdom Tales is a series of YA fairy tale retellings. These interconnected standalone novels are set on the continent of Solstice, where dragons do their own thing, enchanters run amok, and happily ever afters require some chasing.

If you enjoy strong heroines, clean romance, and fantasy worlds with a dash of intrigue, lose yourself in the fairy tale world of The Kingdom Tales today.

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The Kyona Chronicles and The Kyona Legacy are companion YA fantasy trilogies. Enter a world where magic is all but forgotten until the discovery of a lost royal bloodline changes everything. Although The Kyona Chronicles come first, The Kyona Legacy can be read as an alternative entry point to the world of Kyona.

If you enjoy adventure, fantasy, mystery, and clean romance, discover the world of Kyona today. Each book is a complete story in itself, but for best enjoyment and to avoid spoilers, they should be read in order within each trilogy.

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