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Deborah Grace White

Release Plans

The Singer Tales (fairy tale retellings)

My current work in progress is a six book fairy tale series in a new world. The Singer Tales consists of interconnected standalone novels set on the continent of Providore, where magic is harnessed by singers. Each story follows a different heroine navigating everything from miniature elves to brutish giants as she chases her own happily ever after. If you enjoy strong heroines, clean romance, and fantasy worlds with a dash of intrigue, the world of The Singer Tales is for you!
Singer Tales partial-4
The first five books, Song of Ebony, Song of the Sea, Song of Winds, Song of Moonrise, and Song of Trails, are now available to buy or borrow! And the sixth and final book, Song of Vines, is available for preorder, scheduled to release in February 2024. Each book is its own contained story, but for fullest enjoyment of the overarching plot, read them in the following order:

Multi-Author fairy tale series

In the meantime, I'm taking part in an exciting multi-author series with eleven other authors! Once Upon a Prince is releasing from September to December 2023, with one book per week! Each book will be a standalone clean fairy tale retelling featuring a swoony prince fighting for his happily ever after. My own contribution, a Frog Prince Retelling called The Unlucky Prince, is now available.

New YA fantasy series

The next series after The Singer Tales will be a trilogy called Heartsong, with plans for release in 2024. Work has already begun on this YA fantasy series. It is set in the same world as The Singer Tales, on the island they call The Reviled Lands.

Third fairy tale series

After Heartsong, I plan to return to the world of Solstice for a third fairy tale series. This series is loosely planned for 2025, although it's a little too far ahead to give release dates with any certainty.

In the meantime, keep an eye on the Giveaways & Extras page, as I’ll be periodically posting bonus chapters for books already released.

Completed Series

The Kyona Chronicles (YA fantasy)

Reading order:

The Kyona Legacy (YA fantasy)

Reading order:

The Kingdom Tales (fairy tale retellings)

Reading order:

The Vazula Chronicles (YA fantasy)

Reading order:

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