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Tainted magic collides with unexpected love to shatter an already fractured land…

This YA fantasy trilogy is set in the Sovereign Realms, where magic is harnessed by singers. When recently graduated singer Marieke travels into a neighboring country in search of a solution to her own country's deteriorating state, she finds herself facing questions of an entirely different kind. And Zev, the confident and handsome farmer whom fate throws into her path, might have answers more dangerous than she's ready for.

Past and present collide as heart is pitted against duty in this new fantasy romance. If you enjoy adventure, magic, and clean and swoony romance, preorder your copy of Book One today! A Splintered Land releases on July 19.

A Splintered Land

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Tainted magic collides with unexpected love to shatter an already fractured land

Marieke is trained in the magic of songcraft, but without connections, she’s still lucky to gain a place on a foreign delegation. She hopes to learn whether Aeltas suffers the same mysterious blight as her own land—what she doesn’t expect is to suffer a near-fatal accident the moment she crosses the border.

Zev has no reason to love singers. But when he finds a girl barely clinging to life, he can’t just turn aside. Even when Marieke’s identity threatens everything his family has fought for—and fought to hide—for generations, he can’t bring himself to regret helping her. Instead he finds himself pursuing her back across the border.

As more accidents befall singers, Zev’s desire to protect Marieke battles with his duty to his family’s secrets. But while Marieke is blind to the past, he remains mystified about the present curse hovering over her land—and threatening to stretch into his. Neither Marieke nor Zev can deny what’s growing between them…and neither can predict what it will cost not only them but the splintered lands they love.

A Fractured Song - cover and blurb coming soon (scheduled for release in August 2024)

A Shattered Reign - cover and blurb coming soon (scheduled for release in October 2024)

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