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The Singer Tales

Most aren't born with the power of song. Those who are can harness magic of immeasurable power…for better or worse.

Each of these six interconnected standalone novels follows a different heroine who must navigate everything from miniature elves to brutish giants in order to chase her own happily ever after. If you enjoy strong heroines, clean romance, and fantasy worlds with a dash of intrigue, discover the world of The Singer Tales today.

Song of Ebony: A Snow White Retelling

In a city trapped in the treetops, one princess's song will change everything…

Crown Princess Bianca has always been unusual, from her snow-white hair to the strange way her words dance. But just like every other Selvanan, she's restricted to the trees, unable to set foot on the deadly soil. That is, until her stepmother betrays her on the eve of her coronation, sending Bianca to the ground to die. Except the jungle floor is not what Bianca expected—from supposedly mythical elves to magic gone wild, it seems there's much she didn't know about both her kingdom and herself.

Prince Farrin never intended to get trapped in Selvana forever. He only came to find a cure for his brother's terrible affliction. But after two years, he's no closer to his goal. And his continued survival depends on his ability to navigate both the treacherous Selvanan jungle and the ways of the bargain-loving miniature elves.

When he crosses paths with an exiled princess, his course takes an abrupt change. It's not just because he's rattled by his all-consuming determination to keep the princess safe. More Selvanans than Bianca will pay with their lives if the pair can't find a way to outwit her enemies and harness the power of Bianca's voice.

Song of the Sea: A Little Mermaid Retelling


Sometimes the death of your greatest dream is only the beginning

Princess Estelle has never been happy in her father's underwater empire, although she's ready to do her duty—marry at fifteen and pass her three hundred years in service to family and empire. But when she's finally allowed to ascend to the surface and catches sight of a handsome human prince, a different—and altogether dangerous—dream starts to grow in her heart.

Demetrius is a merman with one ambition—to earn a place in the emperor's royal guard. Emotion plays no role in his duty, and Princess Estelle is not strictly under his care. So why does it make him so uncomfortable to see her in pain, and why does he allow himself to get caught up in her desperate bargain to win the human prince?

Only, once on land, Estelle finds that neither her plans nor her heart are as much in her control as she thought. Prince Farrin's dramatic disappearance should shatter her world. Instead, it's the beginning of a whole new life—one that's both simpler and happier than the opulence of her underwater palace. But when the prince returns, it's time to pay the price for her happiness. The bargain she made now threatens to consume both land and sea—and even with Demetrius's help, the cost of saving her world may be too terrible to be paid.

Song of Winds: An East of the Sun and West of the Moon Retelling

SongofWinds2 copy
Can a marriage without trust produce love strong enough to save not only two hearts, but an entire kingdom?

Adrienne's family has little of value other than her ability to harness magic. They've finally saved enough to send her away to study, and all she wants is to use her songcraft to lift their fortunes. What she didn't count on was her selfish, profligate father reappearing just in time to ruin everything.

Prince Herleif is the rightful king of Frossenland, but his throne is out of reach given everyone believes him dead. That, and he spends his days as a giant bear. He hasn't lost hope—all he has to do is wait out his curse without slipping up and bringing disaster on his kingdom. Marriage would be too dangerous to contemplate, for more reasons than one. Until he witnesses a scene in a tavern that's too barbaric to ignore. How could he fail to intervene on behalf of the girl whose father is all but selling her?

Neither Adrienne nor Herleif predicted their marriage. And only Herleif knows the true extent of the danger they're risking. Even as unexpected feelings begin to grow, how can Adrienne trust a husband who offers her nothing but secrets? When she gives in to fear, she unleashes devastation not only on Herleif, but on Frossenland. Now she must harness her shaky songcraft before it's too late. Because she's the only one with the power to save her husband and her kingdom.

Song of Moonrise: A Little Red Riding Hood Retelling

Princess Rosa wants to be royal about as much as Prince Emmett wants to be a mindless wolf

Rosa never wanted to become a princess through her mother's marriage to Teren's king. She especially doesn't want the pressure to marry according to her new station. She'd rather be running wild on her grandmother's property in the Forest of Ilgal. Neither the rumors of giant wolves nor the growing danger from the forest's thickening magic especially trouble her.

Prince Emmett of Medulle is intimately familiar with the dangers of the forest's magic. His disastrous attempt to alleviate it has already led to four years of fear and shame. And now the wolf in his mind is taking not only his body, but his life. His parents think his limited time should be spent marrying and producing an heir, but romance is the last thing on Emmett's mind. Who would marry a wolf?

Besides, the vivacious princess and the serious prince don't even like each other. Of course not. Their only point of alliance is their shared desire to resolve the crisis of the magic in Ilgal. Unfortunately, powerful forces are working against that goal. And as the magic of the forest grows, so does the magic holding Emmett in its grip. Time is running dangerously short for them to find out what's really at work in the forest…before the wolf consumes not only Emmett, but Rosa as well.

Song of Trails: A Hansel and Gretel Retelling

Gisela and her brother have been lost in the woods for years…that doesn’t mean they want to be found

Gisela has had one purpose since she was seven—to protect her little brother Haiden. Abandoned by their parents, he’s vulnerable to anyone who would exploit his singing ability. If they stay hidden deep enough, they might also outrun the terrible prophecy the elf princess spoke over Haiden as a child—the one that destroyed everything.

Crown Prince Otto has little experience of the forest, but he’s determined to do a good job of the task his father set him—to save the Forest of Ilgal from the wild magic overwhelming it. Except the deeper into the forest he goes, the more he realizes how little he knows of Ilgal. The elves seem to be at the heart of the mysteries—if only he could reach them in their sequestered forest city.

When Gisela and Otto cross paths, both of their courses are changed forever. Otto finds himself drawn to the reserved forest girl, in spite of the secrets she clearly harbors. And it takes everything Gisela has to remember that however honest he might seem, the prince is the last person she should trust. Especially when dark rumors are growing and singers are disappearing. And worst of all is the fear growing in Gisela—that the chance connection with the prince will force her to choose between protecting her brother and saving her kingdom.

Song of Vines: A Jack and the Beanstalk Retelling

Jacinta never planned to stumble into the world of the giants…or to throw herself back into the prince’s life

For Jacinta and her mother, life is a daily struggle in the frozen north, right in the shadow of Battlement Wall. She can barely remember the happy days of her childhood, when the royal family visited their northern manor, and she and the prince and princess would play together. They’ve forgotten all about her, and life holds nothing but hunger and hard work. At least, until an elf appears from nowhere and catapults her into an unwelcome adventure in the dangerous land of the giants.

Prince Matthias never forgot the playmate who once made his summers so happy. When Jacinta reappears abruptly into his life with a report of giants and treacherous plots, he’s determined not to let her slip through his fingers again.

Except, all the barriers that have kept them apart for eight years are still there. Not to mention his father is determined to exploit Jacinta’s connection with the giants’ land, never mind the danger to her. With the discovery of the threat that’s looming over the entire continent, Matthias shouldn’t be distracted by matters of the heart. But he can’t lose Jacinta, or betray her again. He’ll have to overcome not only the scheming giant king, but his own weakness, or he’ll risk saving Providore at the cost of losing the one person he can’t live without.

The Singer Tales Box Set 1

SingerTales_1-3_Box_web copy

This box set of three standalone fairy tale retellings contains the first three novels in The Singer Tales.

It consists of Song of Ebony: A Snow White Retelling, Song of the Sea: A Little Mermaid Retelling, and Song of Winds: An East of the Sun and West of the Moon Retelling.

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