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In a world where magic is all but forgotten, friends Calinnae and Jonan are catapulted into danger and adventure by the discovery of a lost royal bloodline. Their present task is impossible, and their future is uncertain. But their greatest weapon may be found in a past that most consider as mythical as the dragons of legend.

The consequences of their quest stretch across time—beyond what even the dragons could predict. A generation later, Princess Jocelyn spends her life in Kyona’s court, trying to control the unnatural power hidden inside her. She has always been afraid of her voice…but now it might be Kyona's only hope.

The series carries the reader beyond borders and across generations, as characters both past and present explore the kingdoms surrounding Kyona and discover just how deeply the magic of legend shapes everything they know.

If you enjoy adventure, fantasy, mystery, and clean romance, discover the world of Kyona today. Each book is a complete story in itself, but for best enjoyment and to avoid spoilers, they should be read in order within each trilogy.

The Kyona Chronicles

Heir of the Curse


Kyona’s lost heir is found—but his birthright might be his greatest curse

Calinnae’s world is shattered when a discovery about his best friend Jonan brings the king’s soldiers down on both families. Barely avoiding their pursuers, the two friends escape with nothing but each other, and the stories of the past they grew up with. Stories that might hold answers, if they turn out to be more than just legends.

Still hunted, they set out for Kyona’s infamous mountains, assisted by Elnora, an unlikely rescuer with mysteries of her own. They hope to find answers, perhaps even the dragons of legend, whose magic might be the key to restoring Kyona’s ancient bloodline.

But the mountains hold more than just magic—they hold a secret that none of the friends are prepared for. And Calinnae’s response, as much as Jonan’s, will decide whether the kingdom stands or falls.

Captives of the Curse

Jonan thought he was ready for anything—he was wrong

With the usurper defeated and Kyona’s throne secure, the responsible course would be to focus on stabilizing the kingdom.

But responsible has never been Jonan’s approach.

Bent on adventure and discovery, he sails for the South Lands, the heart of the slave trade that has plagued Kyona for centuries. But with an unforeseen magic at work, the plight of the enslaved Kyonans is much worse than he imagined.

Between the beautiful but heartless Lady Wrendal, the mysterious rebel leader Scar, and the tyrannical Overseer of Slaves, it will take more than boldness if Jonan is to survive long enough to overcome the curse keeping his countrymen captive. With the danger spreading even to Kyona, and Cal and Elnora more vulnerable than ever, Jonan might just have the fate of two kingdoms in his hands.

Captive's Return: A Novella

Scarlett thought she’d left her past behind—but some things you can’t outrun

A year has passed since the curse was broken. Even though Kyona is now Scarlett’s home, she knows she must face the demons she left behind.

But when Scarlett and Jonan set out for Nohl, they don’t realize the danger that awaits them. Unknown forces are at work in Balenol, and Scarlett’s opportunity to reconcile her past quickly becomes a desperate fight to save not only her husband, but her future.

And with every reason to turn her back on the kingdom that has rejected her, she will have to decide whether she is willing to risk everything she’s built to fight for the future of Balenol itself.

Captive’s Return is a novella of approximately 40,000 words.

The Kyona Legacy

Legacy of the Curse

Jocelyn has always been afraid of her voice—now it might be Kyona’s only hope

Princess Jocelyn spends her life in Kyona’s court, afraid of the unnatural power her voice releases. With unexplained tension building around the freed slaves who returned from the South Lands twenty years ago, her power has never had greater potential for destruction.

So when an invitation arrives from neighboring Valoria, Jocelyn readily accepts, despite having no interest in the suggested marriage alliance.

The last thing she expects is for her journey to be interrupted by a handsome stranger and a dragon from her father’s past. But while the quest to find Elddreki’s lost kin keeps Jocelyn in Valoria, a dangerous enemy works to destroy Kyona from within. And Jocelyn’s voice might be the only thing that can save her kingdom.

Downfall of the Curse

Luciana is as deadly as she is beautiful—she just doesn’t want anyone to know it

The only thing Lucy loves more than the thrill of a good fight is her childhood friend, Prince Eamon. Already enough of an outsider, she’s willing to hide her fighting skills to win a place at his side.

Then Eamon’s betrayal shatters her dreams and leaves her eager to escape Kyona. But when danger and disgrace follow her to the South Lands, an offer from the magnetic Rasad to start fresh in Thorania is too tempting to resist.

In this new kingdom, Lucy can finally be herself. Unfortunately, danger trails her even there. Someone is working to destabilize the South Lands, and it’s up to Lucy to unravel Rasad’s intentions, Eamon’s jealousy, and the motivations of the enigmatic Lady Yasmin. Her decision about who to trust will determine whether darkness engulfs both the South and the North Lands.

Downfall's Echo

As a knight of Valoria, Henrik isn’t afraid of anything—except maybe one fiery princess

Henrik is one of the king’s elite, known for being deadly with a sword. And for flirting with every girl in the Valorian court.

Well, every girl but one. As Prince Kincaid's oldest friend, Henrik can get away with a lot. But there are some lines he can't cross. Even if Princess Lavinia is now far from the childish girl he remembers.

Then the attractive and altogether confusing Lady Claudette arrives from Thorania, and Henrik has never been more unsure of his own heart.

But trouble is brewing in Valoria, from bandit attacks to betrayal within the royal family. No one else seems to realize the scope of the threat, and Henrik can’t afford to be distracted by his heart. Not if he’s going to protect the kingdom he loves from total disaster.

Downfall's Echo is a companion story of approximately 80,000 words.

The Kyona Chronicles: Complete Series

TKC_Box_web smaller

This box set of three standalone stories contains the entire series of The Kyona Chronicles.

It consists of Heir of the Curse, Captives of the Curse, and Captive's Return.

The Kyona Legacy: Complete Series

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This box set of three standalone stories contains the entire series of The Kyona Legacy, which forms the second generation of Kyonan adventures.

It consists of Legacy of the Curse, Downfall of the Curse, and Downfall's Echo.

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